Complexity and criticism

This blog is part of the keynote talk ‘Inside out/outside in: design as open’ I gave at the Spaces of Learning conference, April 18th in Toronto about how the nature of nowadays design has become fundamentally ‘open’ in nature and what impact this has about we deal with design.

This talk is divided in 4 seperate blog posts:

‘Design as open’ is not just something which just broadens the playing field of design. It fundamentally changes the nature of design and thus has a big impact on how we think about design, how designers behave and how design education should look. Design critics have begun starting to worry about a backlash this paradigm shift could have on design: as design spreads itself out further and further, the danger is that it becomes hollowed out as a profession.

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What Design Can Do: Designing a vision

TED started out as a conference about the latest developments in Technology, Education and Design. Nowadays, it has a much wider range, as proved by the many personal touching stories at the last TEDxAmsterdam conference. However, we still want to bring you the latest innovations! And what better place to check out new developments in design than at one of the biggest design conferences in the world: What Design Can Do? Today, my 4th and last report in this event take-out series is about designing possible futures.

What Design Can Do

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