Memory Museum

Some time ago, during a boring rainy day, I was surfing on the internet and stumbled upon a promotion add from Intel called Museum of Me. Clearly only intended to promote their new product, Intel’s Museum of Me opts for a creative way to advertise with their promise to produce a ‘visual archive of your social life’. Just connect with Facebook and the app puts the photo’s you’ve uploaded in nice frames, makes an artwork out of profile pictures of your friends and creates a mural of the words you use on your facebookwall. And there it was, all my memories neatly archived, the traces of my life (or more correctly: the part of my life in which I’ve been on Facebook) well documented in a movie of a couple of minutes. But when I looked to my own online museum, it all seemed a bit flat, shallow and even a little meaningless. What supposed to be a museum of my own memories, ended up being an emotionless, cold, impersonal movie.

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