Rhizome as a toolkit for fluid design

This blog is part of the keynote talk ‘Inside out/outside in: design as open’ I gave at the Spaces of Learning conference, April 18th in Toronto about how the nature of nowadays design has become fundamentally ‘open’ in nature and what impact this has about we deal with design. 

This talk is divided in 4 seperate blog posts:

Now that I have painted you a picture about  the new-found openness of design and which is reflected in and comes out of the change in how people deal with design in a fluid manner and what place design takes: not a place, but the in-between space,  I like to explore a new perspective of dealing with this new nature of design.

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From rascal to rhizome: the wisdom of the crowd

Crowd, mass, or mob: those were the keywords to the 20th century. Words that have emerged during the industrial revolution and have only become larger and more comprehensive since then. From mass production to mass culture to mass media: the crowd ruled. But not without controversy, in fact, Crowd in it’s relatively brief reign has often been criticized for its tendency to herd behaviour resulting in superficiality without nuances. By the end of the 20th century, Crowd had lost it’s shiny crown.

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