De toekomst van make up is tonen hoe gezond je DNA is

De beroemde make-up artiest Isamaya Ffrench had in The Guardian een interessante toekomstvisie over make-up en schoonheid. Schoonheid is door de eeuwen heen altijd verbonden geweest met vruchtbaarheid en rijkdom – denk bijvoorbeeld aan de lelieblanke huid of fluweelzachte handen in tijden van de Franse Zonnekoning als teken dat je als rijke dame niet op het land hoefde te werken. Ffrench ziet in de toekomst weer een duidelijke connectie met onze fysieke gezondheid:

“Beauty is often associated with fertility and wealth. So, back in the Renaissance period, chunky women were considered very beautiful, because they were rich enough to eat and therefore have healthy kids, and then we fast-forward to the 90s when it was a status symbol to show you were rich enough not to eat – anorexia culture came into play. Thinness defined one’s wealth. And wealth also often means health as well. Then the Kardashians came along, and linked up beauty and the cosmetic industry, the idea that symmetry means ‘good genes’. It’s a psychological thing as much as a trend thing.”

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

“What I think will happen next as well is that physical health will become even more equated with beauty. From somehow displaying say, your maximum lung capacity or your energy levels or how long your telomeres, your strands of DNA are. Beauty will be about how healthy a person is down to a cellular level, because, just like in Renaissance times, that’s probably an indication that they’re a fertile person.”