What Design Can Do: The food system, hungry for design

TED originally started out as a conference about the latest developments for Technology, Education and Design. Nowadays, it has got a much wider range as the many personal touching stories at the last TEDxAmsterdam conference proved. But we still want to bring you the latest innovations! And what better place to check out new developments in design than at one of the biggest design conferences in the world:What Design Can Do? Today, my report is about two designers at What Design Can Do who try to tackle one of the most important social systems: food.

What Design Can Do

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Food for thought should be fun – Interview eating designer Marije Vogelzang

Extending the Human Nature theme we assigned to TEDxAmsterdam 2012, the Human Nature Forecast Series seeks to explore what great minds think about what humanity really means. How does it reflect our moral choices, the way we interact with other people and go about our daily lives? Sanne interviewed Marije Vogelzang.

Food for thought should be fun

An eating designer, that´s what she calls herself. Educated as a product designer and a graduate of the well known Design Academy Eindhoven, Marije Vogelzang decided to go in a different direction: “I’m not interested in just designing food. I think food is already very much designed. I’m much more interested in getting inspired by the verb eating, which means harvesting food, collecting food, sharing food at the table, the psychological, social and cultural aspects of food and looking what happens in your body, what happens in your brain and what happens when you take it to the toilet again”. “So, if you think about it,” says Vogelzang with a big smile, “I am actually a shit designer.”

Honey And Bunny

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