Openness as paradigm shift in society

This blog is part of the keynote talk ‘Inside out/outside in: design as open’ I gave at the Spaces of Learning conference, April 18th in Toronto about how the nature of nowadays design has become fundamentally ‘open’ in nature and what impact this has about we deal with design. 

This talk is divided in 4 seperate blog posts:

Openness as philosophical position to deal with liquid society

John Thackara wrote ‘Openness is more than a commercial and cultural issue, it’s a matter of survival’. His statement indicates that openness is more than some economic model or way in which a culture deals with its surroundings: it is a state of mind which is vital for dealing with current circumstances.

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To perform or not to perform (that’s the question)

The play’s the thing – Hamlet

This year, at TEDxAmsterdam 2011, we pose the question: What is human nature? On the 25th of November, a lot of inspiring speakers will not only share their thoughts and but also their personal experiences and stories on this theme. TED thus takes a role which has been around for a long time: to share knowledge by telling stories. For centuries, we find all kind of thoughts and blueprints on the possible nature of us humans in storytelling. Especially in the stories, or plays, of maybe the most famous storyteller of all, William Shakespeare, who wrote such profound characters that some critics even argue he has invented humanity. If there is one thing which is of importance in exploring human nature, it is researching which stories, plays and performances we tell each other and how we approach them, and who to better guide us in this quest than the master himself?

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