Copy Paste Culture

In today’s culture, scissors and glue not only represent our childhood memories, but are a symbol for our postmodern culture: the Cope Paste Culture. The democratization of technologic means has made it possible for anyone to resume or remix somebody else’s work. All you have to do is watch a video on Youtube to be presented with the best and worst examples. Also professionally, with the arrival of open design or art, copying has deep-rooted itself into culture. Continue reading

I, Cyborg

Cybernetic organism, or in short: cyborg. Although a merging of technology and the human body, it always strikes me how cold, industrial and complex the term sounds. Born during the Cold War in an article about how to suite the human body for research into space, the discourse around the cyborg emphasized for a long time the technological side, while the ‘fleshy-ness’ or human part disappeared in the background.

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