Inside out/outside in: Design as open

‘Inside out/outside in: Design as open’ is an open researchproject in blog form which started with a keynote I gave at the ‘Spaces of Learning conference‘ in Toronto. I notice that design behaves itself as ‘open’, as something which has opened up to the world and finds itself in many areas, fields and disciplines that before were not in the area of design. But also design has opened up to let the outside in: people of all kind of disciplines are now collaborating with and even take on the role of designers.

What does this mean for the field of design? Do designers behave themselves differently than in traditional designprojects? How should this be reflected in design education?

Below you find my talk. If you like to contribute your own thoughts on this subjects in blog essay, or have tips for interesting design projects/designers/books/articles please contact me here.

Sanne van der Beek – ‘Inside out/outside in: Design as open’

Sanne van der Beek –From representation ro rhizome: open design from a relational perspective’