Meer welwillendheid voor tech in je lichaam

JWT Intelligence bericht in hun nieuwste trendreport ‘Beauty Tech Futures’ over een belangrijke kentering in de beautyindustrie. Waar voor consumenten 4 jaar geleden nog alles naturel/ natuurlijke producten moest zijn, uit angst voor onnatuurlijke vervuilende stoffen op en in het lichaam, is nu een comfortlevel met technologie bereikt: tech mag onder de huid kruipen:

Four years ago, the beauty industry was in the midst of a New Naturalrenaissance. In a trend fueled by rampant fear that the world around us—from the food we eat to the air we breathe—is filled with poisonous chemicals and toxins, beauty products were stripped back to their purest forms. Organic, farm-fresh ingredients and natural production processes were non-negotiable, base expectations for beauty consumers, while all things synthetic, manmade or genetically modified were shunned as hazardous and unhealthy.

Foto: Frank V. via Unsplash

But now, “natural” and “engineered” are no longer perceived as mutually exclusive. As new technologies emerge that replicate the services of the doctor’s office or manufacture biomimetic ingredients, the beauty industry is course-correcting. Skincare and beauty brands are turning to AI, machine learning and data analysis to bring unprecedented personalization and deep knowledge to beauty-conscious consumers.