Doritos nieuwste campagne: geen logo, geen merknaam…maar wat dan wel?

Het bekende chipsmerk Doritos lanceerde eerder deze maand z’n nieuwste campagne. Opvallend hieraan was dat in deze campagne het logo en naam van Doritos compleet ontbreken. Alleen een vage referentie naar de driehoekige vorm van de chipjes blijft over.

As part of its ‘Another Level’ campaign, Doritos has revamped its social channels, removing brand features from all its tweets and substituting the logo for a red triangle on a black background. The Doritos handle has also been replaced with @Logo_Goes_Here, and the official Doritos website has even migrated to a new address: The snack giant also released a 60-second ‘Anti-Ad’ on YouTube featuring blank chip bags, with the messaging: “The following is a paid message for a chip so iconic we don’t need to name it, cause this is an ad with no logos, no jingles, no gimmicks, just those red and blue bags with the stuff you love in it.”  (bron)

Doritos lijkt volgens trendwatchingbureau Canvas8 de tijdsgeest goed aan te voelen. Mensen voelen zich op social media belaagd door advertenties, en hebben steeds meer behoefte aan intieme plekken op social media waar ze hun levens kunnen delen op veilige en kleinschaligere wijze:

The logo-less Doritos campaign comes at a time when 75% of social media users feel that ads are taking over their feeds, and many are suffering from ad fatigue. Overt branding and logos – once markers of status – seem to have lost their allure as people are increasingly drawn to simpler and subtler labels. This aversion tends to be most prevalent amongst Gen Zers, who on the whole are more skeptical of marketing strategies than any other generation. Indeed, a 2019 survey asking participants to rate brands from ‘love’ to ‘hate’ found that Gen Zers are significantly less brand-loyal than Gen Yers. However, 82% of them say social responsibility is something they look for in their favourite brands, showing that being both subtle and socially minded is the way to tap this cohort.